Sunday, December 30, 2012

Road Signs

I’ve gathered a cryptic collection of glyphs and runes as I run.

On most mornings I jog along the Greenville Greenway. There are signs painted on the pavement. Sometimes it is just paint on the pavement that I imagine as signs. I guess they may be notations for the crews that maintain the pathway. But as strange as some of them are they’ve become familiar markers for me.

I have figured out their relationship to the timing of my run (roughly). Yet these are randomly situated along my route; they represent no specific distance; and they are visual mysteries that I reinterpret for my own amusement (there are mile markers but what fun is that?).

Start at the frog…almost to the ran-over rat…today I think I’ll run past pink infinity and up to the white donut before turning around and heading home.

 This symbol marks the Greenway

To some degree I often feel that in my career the creative work I do, the jewelry I make, and my teaching, are bench-marked (jeweler’s joke) the same way ~ with events that aren’t uniformly spaced, represent no quantifiable distance, and are frequently in need of reinterpretation. Life is like that too. The thing to remember? Enjoy the run.

 Okay I know it's the number 8, but "pink infinity,"
what can I say? Such a sweet destination.

No? Not a ran-over rat?  

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