Sunday, December 23, 2012

Creative Sparks

In Three Parts:

1.   From my early morning run ~ the sun seen through an oak tree along the Greenville Greenway. The oak is a symbol of strength and courage with a tendency to attract big sparks.

2.   The symbol of the sun is a circle with a dot in the center and seems to have been used in in every cultural sphere on earth. It’s also the symbol for gold and in esoteric astrology the same symbol represents the creative spark of the divine.

3.   This is Thor, god of big sparks and loud noise (aka lightening and thunder). As it happens he also represents (surprise!) the oak tree. Note the hammer shaped like a goldsmith’s, the sun coming from his head, and the dragon ~ presumably spitting divine creative sparks. I wonder if that staff is made of oak?

 From an Icelandic manuscript ca. 1760

So today it kind of went like this:  oak + sun + symbol + gold + god = Creative Sparks. From my bench to yours.

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