Wednesday, December 19, 2012



“Throughout much of the world, red represents events and emotions at the core of the human condition: danger and courage, revolution and war, violence and sin, desire and passion, even life itself…It is one thing, however, to assign meaning to a color, quite another to create the color itself.” ~ from “A Perfect Red” by Amy Greenfield.

This is a bug biography, of sorts. But it's also a fascinating history of the "first" color. It’s the story of cochineal (co-chuh’-neel), the source of most red dye up until the late 19th century. It’s still used extensively today to color textiles and a number of products including foodstuffs. That bright red slurpee you sucked down? Think bug juice colored sugar water.

--> From the Trousset encyclopedia, Paris, 1886 - 1891.

My favorite shirt in middle school was a bright, fire engine red, button down short sleeve. I wonder if it was cochineal colored? Somewhere I have a school photo of me wearing it when I was a pudgy and bespectacled nerdy 13-year-old.  I am vain enough to withhold that image from worldwide distribution (even if the only difference is that I'm no longer 13)

But there are other reds around the house…

Yes, I do, I use a shaving brush

Growing up as a somewhat Southerner in S.E. Texas
I feel incompletely dressed without a pocket knife

 This is a cool little wind-up self charging flashlight. And since red is the most
 difficult color to see when it's dark, this works for me on many levels


  1. what do you use the shaving brush FOR ???

  2. Well, I keep my neck shaved and beard pretty closely trimmed to my jawline. That brush makes a great lather with soap and water plus I don't have to pack or buy a canister of shaving cream when I travel.