Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3 Lists

Sometimes I think of lists as if they are ingredients for a recipe.

I figure if I can just get the ingredients together, in the right order, with the proper steps to follow I might make something really good. Like maybe get a pet project finished, a productive day in the studio, or a new direction for my work (or life?). The operative word here being “make.”

1. Colors and shapes ~ a visual list of possibilities for pieces to make.

2. From an older notebook, a partial list of clues. Collectively they’re a kind of mnemonic for future memories I’d like to make.


3. And this, of course, is a list of ingredients to make a sauce*.

So. For lists to be of any use you actually have to do something with them.
And sometimes (okay, as often as not in my case) what you do with them turns out to be a mess (List also means lean, tilt, tip, careen, and keel over).  But once in a while a list leads to something really worthwhile and then, well, kick back and savor the sauce.

*What to do with the above list: Finely chop the walnuts (grind in a blender or coffee mill). In a large mixing bowl blend the chopped nuts and remaining ingredients. Cook pasta to preference, drain, and add to sauce while hot. Mix well (if too dry add a little more cream) and serve warm with a good red table wine. 

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